Walldo glass partitions can be distinguished by their basic architectural lines and variety of uses.

The soundproofing feature of double-layered glass panes is very high and maintains its transparency feature. They are made of carefully selected materials to provide comfort and functionality in your workplace.

The Walldo’s product portfolio is designed without vertical support columns, without limitations in many aspects of glass partitioning projects with transparent and aesthetically concealed designs.

A space created using wood and glass materials always creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Walldo’s wooden partitions are combined with the most modern functions in offices, retail space and floor offices.

Our products are capable of technically customizing your office partitions or recessed wall partitions. However, Walldo design team, which develops a wide variety of applications according to each architectural project, offers economical solutions by optimizing resources and materials. Glass panes are a new generation of products created by Walldo. We focus on controlling costs by optimizing setup times. The engineering design of the system enables fast positioning of the perimeter profiles and the attachment of glass panels with plug-in profiles and suitable gaskets.

Glass panes are compatible with all types of doors Walldo’s manufactures. We manufacture glass doors, typical office doors with sliding, flat glass edges or frames, wooden or vertical swing doors.

The Walldo partition system is designed with its own perimeter profile solutions using both single-pane and double-pane, tempered or layered glass partitions in 8 mm to 16 mm thick forms. It provides maximum flexibility in terms of soundproofing and dimensional.

We have shorter delivery times compared to current standards with maximum optimization during the production phase of glass panes. Our systems are designed for fast installation.

Internal glass panes are designed to provide total integration of both fixed and glass pane systems with containment systems. The assembly sections are designed to be customized down to the finest detail. Partition walls can be changed to create a great look and functionality.

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